Brentwood is a suburb in Brentwood, a neighborhood on the Westside of Los Angeles. It was built this time after completing the 600-acre (2.4 km2) area of ​​the Pacific Branch of the National Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors in the 1880s. A thriving small community was established at the western entrance of the building, which occupied the Westgate. The city was incorporated into the Los Angeles City Council on June 14, 1916. In Los Angeles, June 14–14, 1916, Westgate’s square miles (130 km2) included a large portion of present-day Pacific Palisades and a small portion of present-day Bel-Air. Westgate Avenue is one of the last signs of that name. Archer School for Girls maypole Local traditions include building a Maypole every year as part of Archer School for Girls. Archer School for Girls continues the tradition established at The Eastern Star Home, which was once housed there. This building served as a location for filming “Mar Vista Rest Home,” the setting for an important scene in the movie Chinatown. Asbestos Removal Los Angeles


It was in 2000 that the US census counted 31,344 residents living in Brentwood, Brentwood area of ​​15.22 square miles, or 2,059 people per mile. By 2008, city estimates showed that the population had increased to 33,312. Since 2010, the population has gradually shifted to families with young students in local schools looking for single-family homes on the north side of San Vicente Blvd. and frames. They wanted to live in a high-rise, dysfunctional apartment building near San Vicente Boulevard. San Vicente Shopping Center. The race distribution is white with 84.2%; Asians have 6.5%; Latinos have 4.5%; blacks have a rate of 1.2; Other groups have 3.6%. Iran (27.2%) and the United Kingdom (4.8%) are the two most common places of birth for 21.1% of foreign residents, which is not a high percentage of Los Angeles, California as a whole. Brentwood has made significant efforts to provide a diverse housing stock, including 49% of residents in single-family homes and 51% in single-family homes or condominiums. The median household income for 2008 was $112,927, and renters owned 48.4% of the household goods. As of June 2020, 20% of households in Brentwood are eligible to receive a Fannie Mae loan. One-bedroom apartments in theaters are priced under $100, the HUD limit for Los Angeles, helping residents of various incomes find housing in the city.


Brentwood Barrington Recreation Center has an indoor gym that can be converted into a 250-seat auditorium. Outside you will find a lighted baseball diamond, an unlit baseball diamond, an outdoor basketball court for outdoor basketball, and a children’s playground with picnic tables and tennis courts. In March 2018, the Los Angeles Parks Department received a “D” grade from Barrington Park due to its inadequate facilities. In the investigation, it was discovered that the Brentwood Community Council had found $1.1 million in lost funds that would have been used to pay for maintenance in the parks and successfully fought the city to get them back. The community is working to improve the park by returning the money. Barrington Dog Park Barrington Dog Park is close to the resort. It is part of Barrington Veterans Park, owned by the West LA VA and under contract with the City of Los Angeles, CA.

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