Asbestos Services For Fallen Tree

A fallen tree is one of the worst things to be dealing with after a natural disaster. Small trees rarely do damage. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about large trees. No one knows when a tree will fall, even if it is leaning slightly to the left or right. While you may have an idea, you feel it is unnecessary to prepare for the inevitable. Being prepared is the only way to be ready when the tree comes down.

The best way to deal with a leaning tree is to have it removed. One of the main reasons, homeowners choose to not have their damaged, leaning, and diseased trees removed from their properties is cost. Having one large tree removed could set you back anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000. Arborist services are expensive. In fact, too expensive for many property owners.

Asbestos Services For Fallen Trees

You look at that large tree in your backyard or front lawn every day, knowing it needs to come down. When it finally does, your home is damaged in the process. Not only do you have a fallen tree to deal with but also a damaged home or business. Unless you have the right equipment, time, and manpower, hiring professional tree removal and home repair services is your only option.

Consumers who own houses, duplexes, townhouses, condominiums, and manufactured homes, 1980 and older may have even a bigger problem. Thermal insulation and other materials installed in living structures before 1980 are known to have asbestos. Did you know most home restoration services refuse to work in living structures with asbestos?

Now, that you are left dealing with all this damage and asbestos, you may feel hopeless. Do not fret, instead give our asbestos experts a call. We offer free inspections and written quotes for asbestos removal related to fallen trees.

Is Asbestos Testing Required For Fallen Tree Removal?

When a tree falls onto a home with asbestos-based insulation and other materials, it disrupts the once stable asbestos fibers. The Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” warns against the disruption of asbestos fibers in building structures. Even though this is not your doing, it is your responsibility to ensure it is handled properly.

Asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma, a type of cancer that targets the thin linings of the lungs and abdomen.

All homes built before 1980 must be tested for asbestos when damaged by a fallen tree. Our Asbestos Removal Los Angeles experts can perform the test. When the results are back, we will implement an asbestos removal strategy specifically for your home.

Los Angeles Asbestos Services

Disturbed asbestos is no joke. In fact, everyone who comes into contact with the loose fibers is at risk of developing mesothelioma. We recommend vacating the home immediately after the tree falls. Once the asbestos fibers enter the lungs via mucus, the respiratory tissue becomes irritated.

Special precautions are taken before and during the asbestos removal. We utilize state-of-the-art Personal Protective Equipment “PPE” to protect our workers from coming into contact with asbestos.

We will treat your home like it is ours while you are away. Our goal is to prevent the asbestos fibers from spreading throughout your home. We will section off the home to protect the areas not impacted by the fallen tree.

Does Home Insurance Cover Asbestos Removal And Testing?

Every home insurance policy is unique. The only way to determine if asbestos testing and removal are covered is to contact a local agent. The agent will review your home insurance policy and get back to you.

Most home insurance policies do cover damage caused by natural disasters, “perils.” However, the only way to be sure is to reach out to your local insurance agency.

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