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From the best Asbestos Testing in Los Angeles to a full range of asbestos-related services, this is why we’re the company that people and businesses trust in the LA region:

  1. Our asbestos inspections are the most important first step we take to determine if there are asbestos fibers at your home or commercial facilities.
  2. Our environmental testing services also include examining the indoor air quality of your place which are sure to be affected by levels of asbestos if these materials are indeed present.
  3. Once they detect the presence of this hazardous material our facility and home inspectors will propose a plan to safely remove any material containing asbestos from your place.
  4. The removal of asbestos and lead abatement services that we perform in residential & commercial facilities located in the Los Angeles County are extremely safe and thorough.
  5. Once we complete the project and remove the environmental hazards, you’ll be reassured to have a place that is aligned with your health and safety concerns.

Now that you know how committed we are to offering the best Asbestos Abatement in Los Angeles, give us a call! 

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Here’s a full list of services provided by our asbestos remediation contractors in Los Angeles:

Asbestos Clearance: The environmental contractor from our team that visits your place and certifies that the asbestos fiber is no longer present will be able to give you an asbestos clearance certificate, in case it is required.

Asbestos Inspection: Yes, this is the most sought-after asbestos inspection in Los Angeles, and it’s only one call away.

Asbestos Pipe Removal: Duct cleaning is a very bad idea if your duck is made of asbestos. Old pipe maintenance is also something you should avoid if there’s asbestos involved. Instead, call a team of pros to remove this hazardous material from your horizon—safely and totally.

Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Leave the hazardous yet necessary popcorn ceiling removal job for experts like the ones we have in our team.

Asbestos Removal Contractors: Often, remodeling projects involve unexpected encounters with asbestos—and that’s when you want to be able to rely on top contractors like us!

Asbestos Roof Removal: We’re the Asbestos Roof Removal experts that everyone trusts in the LA area.

Asbestos Services for Fallen Trees: Asbestos isn’t a naturally occurring fiber in trees, but a fallen tree can easily damage a structure that contains asbestos, becoming contaminated. That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask us for professional help to remove fallen trees that may have been in touch with asbestos.

Asbestos Siding Removal and Asbestos Shingle Removal: This is one of the most common scenarios—sidings and shingles of homes that contain asbestos. This extremely serious situation requires a careful and skillful intervention to safely remove any traces of asbestos from these old structures.

Asbestos Survey and Asbestos Testing: This is the most frequently requested service we are called to perform. After all, asbestos testing and inspection is the first step to determine if there’s even a threat in the first place. If our asbestos testing service shows there’s no reason to worry, you can go back to your normal life. However, when our asbestos surveys indicate that there is exposure to asbestos, we create and execute a plan to perfectly solve the problem just as you expect us to.

Asbestos Tile Removal: Building materials with asbestos fiber were frequently used in homes and buildings that were built before the early 1990s. From a floor tile to a roof, there are many ways by which you may be exposed to asbestos without realizing it—and we have the right service

HVAC Asbestos Removal: If any of your HVAC parts contain asbestos, then that’s a hazardous situation that requires a professional intervention. A typical situation in commercial buildings that is also seen in homes, you want to have experts like ours working to help you handle this type of situations while never putting your health—and of those who live with you—at risk.

Residential and Commercial Asbestos Removal: For every commercial or residential certified situation where you need to have asbestos hazards professionally removed, we have a certified asbestos removal specialist for the job.

Vermiculite Insulation Removal: If you’re thinking about handling a vermiculite insulation removal project on your own, think again. That is likely to put you in a position of asbestos exposure that could have disastrous health effects for you, such as a lung cancer. Don’t take chances—instead, call the asbestos removal Los Angeles CA people and businesses trust.

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Whether it is about our air quality testing, asbestos analysis, asbestos removal services or any other service we offer, feel free to call us to request a free quote. We’re confident that we have the best Asbestos Removal Costs available in the LA area matched with great quality—and we offer free quotes with no strings attached. Really.

Affordable and Efficient Services

Affordability and efficiency are two key principles of our asbestos removal company serving Los Angeles. We know that often Los Angeles asbestos removal services are expensive. However, we have a different approach: we believe that it’s important to offer highly efficient lead abatement and professional asbestos removal at an affordable price.

We Offer an Insured Service

When it comes to asbestos removal, Los Angeles families and businesses know that they can rely on us to deliver an insured and fully licensed service that is available for commercial and residential buildings.

Work With Friendly Staff

All our asbestos abatement contractors are friendly and customer-driven. They also work every day to help our customers have asbestos and lead safely and professionally removed with top asbestos abatement services.

We Work Around Your Schedule

Do you want to find an asbestos abatement contractor that respects your time requirements? That’s what we do—we take any abatement project while always giving priority to meeting the requirements of our customers, namely in terms of time. In other words, our asbestos contractors work around your schedule with a fast turnaround that always makes our customers happy.

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