Asbestos Testing

Older homes tend to contain asbestos more than others. Anyone residing in an older residence should consider taking steps to see if the building has asbestos. Otherwise, you may end up living with asbestos for many years. You don’t want this to happen because asbestos is very dangerous. If the pores enter the atmosphere, you may inhale them. Then, you’ll experience serious health repercussions. Instead, you should call our office right away.

We’re confident that we can help you resolve this problem quickly and conveniently. We offer affordable asbestos testing designed to provide you with satisfaction every time. Once you begin suspecting that asbestos is in your home, call a professional. They will take a sample from your home and send it to a laboratory. The material will be tested to determine what you’re dealing with. We offer asbestos testing services.

You’ll also appreciate that we offer free estimates. Call our local office to get help.

What To Know About Asbestos Testing

If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to deal with asbestos. Unfortunately, some people aren’t that lucky. Asbestos is very dangerous since it can lead to various health complications. If you find that your home has asbestos, you should do something about it safely. Don’t risk inhaling the substance because it could make you sick. Instead, you should start by getting your home tested for asbestos. The material can be found in ceilings, floors, walls, and elsewhere. It is primarily found in older homes and businesses throughout our area. If you own an old home, there is a higher risk that it is going to contain asbestos.

Our technicians can collect a sample from your home. Then, the sample will be delivered to a laboratory where it will be tested for asbestos. If the material is confirmed to be asbestos, we recommend eliminating it immediately. Don’t try to mess with it on your own because the material is dangerous. Instead, you should call our office and let us help you.

Asbestos can cause cancer and mesothelioma. It isn’t easy to detect since it doesn’t have a smell and it is often hidden behind surfaces. Call our office to begin right now.

When Should Asbestos Testing Take Place?

Residents shouldn’t delay getting their homes tested for asbestos. However, the requirement depends on the situation. Some people reside in new homes that were constructed a few years ago. If you fit into this group, you likely won’t have to worry about asbestos. It is generally only found in older dwellings. Anyone currently living in an old home should consider getting their home tested because it may contain asbestos. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to detect the material on your own. The material is often hidden behind walls and under floors.

You won’t be able to smell it. Instead, property testing is required. You should test for asbestos in certain situations including those mentioned below.

Selling Or Buying A Home

You may decide that you’re going to buy a new home or sell your existing home. When doing so, you should take steps to minimize any risks. For instance, you may end up selling a home that is overrun with problems. Once this happens, you’re likely going to be sued by the new owner. Unfortunately, this could come back to haunt you. Instead, you should make sure that the home doesn’t have any serious, undisclosed problems. Getting the dwelling tested for asbestos is highly recommended. If the home has asbestos, you should get it removed first. Once you’ve done that, you can put the home on the market.

If you’re buying a home, you’ll want to avoid buying a home that has asbestos. Getting the residence tested is highly recommended since it’ll help you avoid wasting your money and regretting your purchase.

Our Steps

We strive to follow unique processes to ensure that our clients receive convenient solutions. We also work hard to deliver reliable results. Before we can do anything, you have to call us. Once you’ve done that, we’ll send a team of experts to your home. These individuals will talk to you to learn more about the problem you’re dealing with. Then, they’re going to enter your home to look for asbestos. We may need to remove drywall and other materials to access it. After that, a sample will be taken. We cannot detect asbestos using our sight or smell. Instead, it has to be tested in a professional laboratory.

Therefore, the sample collected from your home will be sent to the lab. The lab will help us determine the exact contents of the material. It may be 10% asbestos and 90% different materials. Regardless, testing is pertinent. You might be able to collect a sample on your own, but doing so will be dangerous. You may inhale these toxic materials. Let us help you so you don’t have to worry about these risks.

Do you think that the construction materials in your home or small business have asbestos?If that’s the case, you will need to know about getting asbestos testing done by “Asbestos Removal Los Angeles“ company.Government agencies, commercial property owners, property managers, contractors and homeowners hire us to provide asbestos testing. As Certified Asbestos Consultants, we offer asbestos testing, remediation plan development, and abatement project oversight.

Our Asbestos consulting services include:

  • Building Inspections to satisfy renovation and demolition permitting requirements
  • Asbestos Surveys to identify asbestos containing materials prior to building acquisition
  • Abatement Plans and Specifications
  • Contractor Oversight and Performance Evaluations
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Operation and Maintenance Programs
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Laboratory Services

Included in our asbestos assessment reports are our recommendations for correction and prevention, along with detailed steps for cleanup which include the removal, handling and disposal of asbestos.When our tests detect materials that contain asbestos at levels higher than or equal to 1%, our plans dictate that the asbestos must be removed and disposed of as hazardous materials.

Our asbestos operation and management service includes:

  • Written procedures for working safely on or around asbestos
  • A copy of the asbestos survey report
  • Asbestos notification for the building that meets regulatory requirements
  • Emergency response procedures and contacts
  • Building specific asbestos warning signs for posting in maintenance areas.We will provide you with a post-remediation inspection, which includes a visual assessment of the area and air quality testing. When the lab results conclude that the asbestos has been successfully removed, we will issue an abatement site air clearance.

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