Commercial Asbestos Removal

Most people have heard of the term asbestos today. They’ve likely heard it on TV from some big law firm. Companies and manufacturers are facing modern lawsuits all the time for using asbestos in their materials. This is extremely common in the building and construction community. Thanks to its highly durable make and insulation properties asbestos were widely infused with common building materials.


While this is no longer the case, most big manufacturers were using the material during the early 30s and late 80s. If you’ve heard asbestos from a TV commercial, you likely also know that it has been discovered to be extremely dangerous. Therefore, proper removal and disposal of the material take a trained and experienced hand.


Why Was Asbestos Used?


Asbestos-infused materials were used up until the late 80s. Why? It was simple. Manufacturers weren’t aware that it was so dangerous. And when the dangers were finally discovered, there were so many products already on the shelves that it was hard to pull them off the shelves immediately.


Asbestos-infused materials were not only used in the residential industry but they were used in the commercial building industry as well. Schools, churches, hospitals, and factories were popular depositories for the material. At the time utilizing the invaluable properties of the material only made sense.


Asbestos was discovered to be so dangerous because of the fibers it releases. When moved or disturbed the material releases fibers. These fibers get in the air and can be inhaled. Once inhaled the fibers do not decompose. They sit on the lungs and cause irreparable damage, similar to that of mold.


Industries We Are Familiar With


Our specialized teams of asbestos removers have been removing asbestos for the local population for many years now. We not only know how to safely remove asbestos, but we know how to dispose of it. Through our many years in the industry we’ve developed and built connections that afford us many opportunities others are not inclined to. Simply put, we can help you in unique ways others wouldn’t even think about. Although our teams are well versed in many areas, here are some of the common areas we find ourselves working in:



Office buildings

Strip malls

Retail outlets






Hospitals/Medical centers



Multifamily housing units

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