Vermiculite Insulation Removal

Many years ago, vermiculite insulation was frequently used for insulation purposes in homes and businesses. While it worked well for this purpose, it was found that the material was dangerous. The problem is the fact that vermiculite insulation contains asbestos which is incredibly toxic. If someone is exposed to asbestos, there is a risk that they’re going to develop cancer and other serious health problems. Suffice to say, you cannot risk being exposed to this material. We’re here to help. We have years of experience dealing with asbestos so we can remove the material from your home safely and reliably.

We follow precise protocols to guarantee that our clients are going to be kept safe from start to finish. We strive to ensure that any exposure risks are greatly reduced. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive testing services. If you’re worried that you have asbestos or vermiculite insulation, we can help you find out about it. Just call our office to schedule an appointment or receive a free estimate.

More About Vermiculite Insulation

While your home needs insulation, certain types should be avoided. Vermiculite insulation fits into this category because it is dangerous. Before the 1980s, the material was regularly used to insulate buildings. It worked well for this purpose, but it should no longer be used. The problem with vermiculite insulation is the fact that it contains asbestos. Vermiculite naturally occurs in nature. The volcanic material is either gray-brown or silver-cold. It works well for insulating homes and other buildings.

It is sometimes called Zonolite. When used alone, this material is harmless. However, it is common for vermiculite insulation to also contain asbestos. When the material is extracted, it will cause fibers to be released. These fibers are like asbestos. Whether the insulation is heated or damaged, these dangerous fibers will enter your home. Allow us to get rid of this problem for you before someone gets ill.

When To Get Your Vermiculite Insulation Tested

You should never delay getting your home tested for asbestos and vermiculite insulation. Failing to do so means that you’re going to put yourself at risk every day. However, some people are more vulnerable than others. For instance, your home might’ve been built before 1990 which is when the Libby mine was closed. Any homes built before 1990 will be more likely to have this material. You also need to look for silver-gold or gray-brown insulation. If this is what you have, you’re likely dealing with vermiculite insulation.

This type of insulation usually lays flat and firm. Our company offers testing services for vermiculite insulation. Just call our office to get started. If you notice any insulation that could contain asbestos, we can help you find out what it is. We’ll take a sample and get it tested for you right away.

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