HVAC Asbestos Removal

You’ve likely heard the term asbestos thrown around somewhere today. You’ve probably caught talk of it on TV and how dangerous it is. Manufacturers that produced and sold asbestos-infused materials are getting sued and facing backlash all the time because of the dangers this very building material poses. Despite this, asbestos was at one time a highly regarded and widely distributed building material.

It was practically used in everything from insulation to shingles and even HVAC ductwork. If your home or HVAC is going on 20 plus years there’s a very good chance you might even be the owner of a system with asbestos-infused materials. What does this mean for you?

Why Asbestos Was Used?

You are probably wondering why manufacturers used asbestos if it was so dangerous. Well, the answer is simple really. They didn’t know at the time. As a matter of fact, asbestos was an extremely effective material. It is not only durable but it provides excellent insulation properties. Just consider the lifespan it offers.

That’s why it was so widely used. And it was widely used in the HVAC industry. It was used in tape as well as duct insulation. Unfortunately, this only leaves you with major problems now.

You’ll not only eventually need to remove the material from the building, but you’ll also need to ensure that it is properly disposed of.

Luckily, this is something a licensed HVAC contractor can handle for you.

How Do You Know If You Have Asbestos-Infused Products?

After reading the above, this is probably the immediate question that comes to mind. If your home was built anywhere between the 40s or 80s and hasn’t since undergone any updates or repairs, there’s a good chance your HVAC contains asbestos-infused materials. Of course, you can’t just go off of assumptions alone.

While you can go online and find images of asbestos-related duct materials, it is best to have a professional identify the material. This is something we are more than capable and happy to handle for you. We’ll even do it for free during our in-home consultation.

Think of asbestos as you would think of mold. It doesn’t pose much of a threat until it is disturbed. Although this is not always the case, the material doesn’t typically start releasing fibers in the air until it is disturbed. Simply put, give us a call, and let us handle the risk and job for you.

It might even turn out that your system doesn’t need updating. Of course, it will eventually, and undertaking the upgrades earlier will only be beneficial for you and your home, but if you aren’t financially prepared for the job, that’ll give you the time to save and approach the problem at a later date. We believe in 100% honesty and will always speak the truth.

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